Latest update : July 19, 2020
We will try to update them as frequently as possible.

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Remember: Always securize your Elasticsearch!

Unfortunatly, the Covid19 is in our minds, with consequences on all of us, all over the world.

Moreover, we live very stressful moments where fake news or poorly documented information circulate on every channel.

At Spoon consulting, we believe in Technology and self responsibility. That is why we built this dashboard to provide everyone with a tool to understand what is going on a daily basis with the ability to zoom on its personal context.

Thanks to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and other organisation, global data on the diseases are public

So lets see what we can do with Kibana to have a clear vision of the evolution of the virus.

Of course, knowing new contamination and new deaths is not enough to make prediction, but with it we can see the trends worldwide

Let us know your feedbacks and how to improve this tool within our contact page.

Notes About the dashboard :

Follow the corona virus situation all over the world

Data is freeze daily at 8am CET, so information for the last day is partial.
Be careful of the time range selected, by default it’s 90 days. Feel free to play with filters to have information for a specific country or a specific time range. Feelings on the evolution of the virus can very differents if you look at it on the whole period or on the last 7 days.

Other Sources of data:

Technical details on the Dashboard

To create this dashboard, we import the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in Elasticsearch, and use the brand new Enrich Processor which was added on the version 7.5 of elasticsearch in a Pipeline to add latitude and longitude on the data to be able to geo locate them on the map.

Security of public user

The public credentials are attached to a public role which gives read only rights only on the Index and access only to the public space of the Spoon’s Kibana.

Update : A separated public kibana has been released to avoid using credentials. It’s not a good practice, so it’s done at my own risks.

You can also find an Elastic webinar describing how to create a Covid19 dashboard using data of WHO :


Let us know your feedbacks and how to improve this tool within our contact page.