For small teams or managed websites, it can be complicated to improve search with a full Elastic Search implementation.

But with mobile usage, it’s mandatory to offer at least a fault tolerant search to any website, and it’s important for every one to improve retention. 

Site Search allows you to transform a complex indexation and request process in a simple point and click integration. 


Swifttype offer a fully managed service for ElasticSearch. 

With Site Search, your website is automatically crawled and indexed, the google way. You can also optimize your search results in a user friendly interface without any technical knowledge.

ElasticSearch without any code

If you don’t want to manage an elasticsearch cluster just for a site or if you have outsourced your website and you can’t easily do what you want on this website, your best solution is Site Search.

On the Spoon Consulting Website, we are in the second case. 

Yes we are a digital transformation company, but our consultants are focused on delivering valuable CRM and ERP solutions for our clients. 

So our website has been developed and is maintained by a web agency.

That’s why we use Site Search, it’s quick and very effective.

There is only 2 technical steps to implement it : 

  • Ensure you have an updated sitemap.xml
    If you use a CMS you should already have all you need. 
  • Copy paste a JS script on your web page. 

And that’s all. You can enjoy all search features of Elastic Search.

No need to worry about indexing, mapping, requesting, or other things in ‘ing’

Site Search

Once you created your account and started to use the service.
Your website will be crawled by Site Search and your content will be automatically indexed. 

You can then search anything with the best Elastic Search practice. 

Pretty cool! 

Now, lets dive to your capabilities : 

Search Widget integration

On the Spoon Consulting Website, we use the easiest way to integrate it. 
We just added a class on our Search Field, and add the JS script. 
Now a search result looks like that :

Search Result page from Site Search

We only change the main color results. (see? the blue of the link is not the default blue but it’s the Spoon Consulting’s blue… It’s not obvious I know….)
But you can tweak a lot those widgets. 

If you don’t have any search form on your site. Site Search can add one automatically, stuck to the bottom of your screen.  
You can also change colors, add thumbnails or event integrate your own result page from scratch. 

It’s simple and powerful.

Search Management Console

All the power of Site Search is the management console. 

In their web tool, you can customize your search parameters and see the results in real time. 

Request analytics

Site Search keep the stats of the search request done on your website.

You can also know the request with no click, the most frequent requests and the bounce percentage.
Then you have all information to customize your variable to enhance your transformation. 

Elastic search capabilities

All the power of Elastic Search is still here, if you want to use it.
Now that you know the most important search on your site, let’s see how to improve them. 

Field Weight (boost) 

You can change the weight of each fields, and see the result in real time, before validating.
So you can tweak the whole request to enhance your results 


After :

Per Request Customisation

One of the most important features is the ability to pin an article in the search result. 

Let’s say you organize an event on a special product. 
You can pin the article talking of that event at the first position of each related request just by dragging it and dropping it in the first place. 



You can also remove the unrelated article from any search query. 

Bonus Features

There is a lot of other cool features that can really enhance your website. 

  • Automatically make content of your pdf, or word document searchable
  • Search is optimized by language 
  • Add synonyms to have the same results for similar terms (a search for car or automobile should return the same results)
  • A JSON API allow you to index your content the old way if you still need it
  • It’s really secured
  • It’s mobile compatible by default
  • And for more advanced usage, you can let Machine Learning improve ranking automatically depending on  user behaviors

If you want Spoon Consulting Expert to help you on you business needs and implementation with Salesforce, Elastic Search, or Salesforce and Elastic search, don’t hesitate to contact us.