Paginate aggregation with Elasticsearch

Paginating term aggregation

In Elasticsearch, paginating aggregations results is a recurring need.By default, Elastic will send all results in your aggregation. If a query filter is often enough, it’s not always the wanted behavior.  First possibility, increase a lot the size parameter and do the pagination on front side.It can be a good solution… for few hundred results, and a low cardinality.  But if we don’t want to crash our app, we probably can do better.  Depending on your specific use case you will…

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Presentation of Elastic by Spoon consulting

Spoon Consulting present Elastic uses cases for the online Devcon MRU 2020

Each year, Spoon Consulting is here to support the most important developer conference in Mauritius. And of course, we talked about Elastic. Discover the presentation, in french, and soon, the whole video of the conference. And just for fun here is the transcript of the pptx made by slideshare: Devcon Ile Maurice présentation Use Cases Elasticsearch par Spoon Consulting 1. powered by Spoon For search… and more! 2. 01 02 03 Observabilité Agenda Spoon Consulting en Bref Search 04 Sécurité05…

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