Kibana – visualize and pilot your Elasticsearch


Kibana is the visualization tool of the Elastic Stack. 

A free Open Source tool to build real time dashboards in minutes, explore your Elasticsearch indices, monitor your clusters and pilot all products of the suite.

Introducing Kibana

Built by the Elastic team to manage and analyse the data indexed in Elasticsearch, Kibana is a complete management tool, offering a lot of visualisations, monitoring of clusters, configuration and developer tools.

It’s a powerful toolset for every Elastic installation.


The unfortunate reality is that many company have tons of data but the latter are kept to basic standards.

With more data, companies need adapted tools to understand them.

Kibana gives the classic and powerful visualisation like histograms, pie charts and as well as more evaluated visualization to give sense to data either for managers or for data analysts. 

Network monitoring in Kibana with Elasticsearch
Network monitoring in Kibana with Elasticsearch

Powerful multilayers map gives geolocated information on business activity.

Map view of elastic search

With the reporting tools, you can create automated emails with dashboards in PNG or in PDF to allow regular followup for everyone without the need of a login. 

With latest releases, separated specs help teams to have access only to the data they need, the way they need it.

> Discover the possibilities of Kibana’s dashboards with the Spoon’s Covid19 tracker

Canvas, infographic creation in Kibana

Kibana is the entry point of Canvas for creating impressive infographics based on data shared with the marketing team or direction. 

Create branded reports with custom elements that your team will look forward to opening. Build your reports once and watch them automatically ship with the latest weekly, monthly, or annual data.

Canvas example in Kibana
Canvas slide with realtime updates in Kibana

Machine learning

The machine learning solution of Elastic automatically detects outliers and strange behaviors. 

The elastic team do a fantastic work to offer yet a user friendly tool but also a very powerful machine learning solution that use the most of Elasticsearch capabilities. Indeed Kibana allows to multiply the performance of search capabilities thanks to high availability in real time.

Kibana gives a clear visual solution to control your machine learning. 

unsupervised Anomaly detection with Elastic Machine learning in kibana
Machine learning unsupervised anomaly detection

With the latest released, Machine learning in Elastic allows unsupervised or supervised IA to enhance your data. 

It will help your teams save weeks of work in analyzing data and find outliers, allow them to create projection and even to detect anomalies at ingestion time. All piloted from Kibana.

SIEM / Security management

With security dedicated tools Kibana becomes a security analysis window for your SI.

Find and block abnormal behaviors, set alerts and communicate with the security team in a few clicks. 

SIEM security abnormal login analysis in Kibana
Detect and Analyse abnormal ssh login in Kibana

Elastic Stack Management

Dev tools

Kibana has a set of tools dedicated to integrators. 

Writing request, profile them, manage user profiles, indices, watchers, lifecycles, and a lot of other possibilities ensure a maximum productivity to integrators


Follow the load of all nodes of your stack in real time, by cluster, node or intex in the dedicated kibana dashboard

Cluster monitoring graph of Elasticseach cluster in Kibana
Cluster monitoring of Elasticseach cluster’s performance in Kibana
Index monitoring graph of Elasticseach cluster's performance in Kibana
Index monitoring of Elasticseach cluster’s performance in Kibana

Advanced Management

Kibana makes the advanced Elastic usage far more easy. 

With Kibana, you will be able to manage your jobs, your rollups or your Indices Life Cycle Management with dedicated UX, manage and monitor your beats and so on.

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