Elastic Stack in details

The Elastic Company is the well known software vendor of the Elasticsearch Open Source solution.
With years of experience, they developed a complete tool set around data management to help companies manage all use cases.

In the following detailed page, discover the main tools of the Elastic Stack (formally known as ELK)

Discover the Elastic Stack

Elastic Stack
  • Elasticsearch, the NoSql database optimized for search and scalability
  • Kibana, the dashboarding and monitoring tool
  • Logstash and Beat, for ingesting data

And there is more!
Elastic also offers solutions and products to complete the Elastic Stack:

  • Elastic cloud, the managed and optimized cloud hosting solution on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud
  • Site search, full managed indexing and managing solution for public websites
  • App search, managed cloud solution to help you concentrate on your business needs and not on Elastic’s cluster management
  • Workplace search,  unifies all of your company internal contents (Google Drive, Salesforce or other) and transforms them into a personalized search experience to boost your productivity
  • Endpoint security, the only endpoint protection product to fully combines prevention, detection, and response into a single, autonomous agent. Security information are stored.
  • Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) / Elastic Cloud One Kubernetes (ECK), the orchestration solutions for self hosted large cluster over Docker and Kubernetes
Elastic offer powerful tools to manage data

Companies loves the Elastic Stack

A lot of enterprises use Elastic for several uses cases.
Here are few examples :

  • Pfizer uses Elastic for Search in their internal Scientific Data Cloud but also for Observability.
  • WallMart uses Elastic for fraud detection.
  • BPCE Group uses it for Security needs.
  • Airbus uses the Stack to speed up search for Aircraft Technical Documents.
  • Viméo uses Elasticsearch for every search request on the plate-form
  • Ebay, Twilio, GoDaddy, Facebook, Netflix and many more companies from all size also loves the capabilities of the stack

Learn how Elastic can help you by following real use cases implementation on the official customer testimonials page of Elastic.

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